Council of the Haida Nation Clan Tree Project

As part of their title case, the Council of the Haida Nation (CHN) has been working on a Haida Citizenship Act to create a policy on Haida citizenship. To support Haida citizenship, the CHN's Citizenship Coordinator has been working with all 25 Haida clans as well as doing archival research to create clan trees of Haida ancestors and descendants that go back to 1850s.

The problem was that the clan trees were housed in an old genealogy program that was out of date and based on a patrilineal system whereas Haida clans are based on a matrilineal system. I found an open source genealogy program called Gramps. Gramps allowed me to download the old genealogical data and add new fields into the data including Haida names, English names, Clan name, and whether the person was Haida or non-Haida. Gramps then outputted the data into a SVG file which allowed me to further format the trees in Illustrator.

Working with the CHN, I created a simple legend that colour-coded the clans, used various lines for different types of relationships and rounded or rectangle boxes for Haida or non-Haida people. Some of the clan trees were over 5 meters long so I had divide them up into printable pages so they could be put on the wall for clan meetings.

Data visualization, Illustrator, Graphic Design