Pathways to Care/K’yuu gwii tllx̱anda

The Local Action Team of the Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use initiative, a project funded by the Doctors of BC,  for southern Haida Gwaii asked me to create posters that could show ways that youth on Haida Gwaii could seek help in our community. They held a community meeting at the Hiit'aganiina Kuuyas Naay Skidegate Youth Center with youth, health-care providers and youth workers and I graphic recorded their feedback on what information they thought should go on the poster and what the poster could look like. The Local Action Team worked with S.H.I.P. to translate the content into Xaayda Kil and I designed and illustrated the poster. The posters are now up in the high school and in all the local youth centres.

Infographics, Illustration, Live Graphic Recording