Tawk’ii Daanaay Tll Kunsda | Tl’a Táwk’aa Kúnsta’yee (Starting a Garden): Ten Food Plants to Grow

Rooted in the Haida Ways of Beings, Tawk’ii Daanaay Tll Kunsda • Tl’a Táwk’aa Kúnst’ayee Starting a Garden: Ten Food Plants to Grow on Haida Gwaii encourages new and aspiring food growers and shares knowledge and tips to garden in a good way on Haida Gwaii.

The book shares knowledge on stewarding the soil, creating raised beds, local pollinators, gathering local materials such as K̲al • K̲ál (Red Alder) and sG̲yuu • sG̲íw (seaweed) for the garden and on how to grow beets, k’uuwiid • sk’áw.áan gíidii (raspberries) and sgaawsid • sgúusíid (potatoes) and other food plants.
This book was created through Hlk'yak'ii—a partnership between the Haida Gwaii Museum and Swiilawiid Sustainability Society—and with the collaboration with the land, plants, knowledge sharers and food growers. It was a three year long project to interview Haida Gwaii gardeners and knowledge sharers, illustrate, write and design.