I can translate your
information, ideas, stories, data,
meetings, research, and knowledge
into meaningful and creative visuals
using various solutions...


Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge which can help present information clearly, quickly and beautifully. I work with organizations to create customized infographics using vector-based and hand-drawn infographics for web and print.

They can help:

  • Summarize complicated reports;
  • Visualize processes or ideas;
  • Show geographic or  information;
  • Communicate your message.

Recent projects include visual summaries of reports for the Haida Gwaii Women's Dialogue Sessions, and a Pathway to Care for youth seeking mental wellness that was put up in schools and youth centres around Haida Gwaii.

Haida Gwaii Forest Forum Suzanne SimardHealing from Sexual Violence

Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation

Graphic recording involves listening to people’s ideas and stories and translating and organizing them into meaningful visuals on large format paper live. Graphic recording helps groups see connections and solutions, and helps to create summaries of ideas and conversations during events.

Visual facilitation involves working with facilitators to design meetings and events that use visuals such as templates, visual agendas and history maps to create more effective and creative meetings. 

  • Strategic and operational planning sessions
  • Community forums, workshops, and meetings
  • Visioning sessions
  • Conferences


Illustrations can be a way of drawing out complex ideas in text or creating new ideas and connections. I create hand drawn and digital illustrations for print and web.

  • Articles and stories;
  • Reports;
  • T-shirts;
  • Websites;
  • Book and magazine covers, and more.

Recent projects include a magazine coverbook cover for Between the Lines, a hand drawn poster for a Tanya Tangaq show, illustrations for article by Naomi Klein, a t-shirt for a conservation organization.

Visual Narratives

Visual narratives can be a way to communicate ideas, stories, research, and information in a way that connects your work to people in meaningful and exciting ways. Visual narratives can be used to tell stories about communities and organizations, people and places, science, health, advocacy and activism, legal concepts, travel, history, and more.

To create a graphic story:

  • I write or convert a story to a comic script, similar to a film script.
  • Do visual research on images in the story.
  • Design the page and panel layouts.
  • Pencil and ink or colour the pages.
  • Scan and optimize the pages for print and web in Photoshop.

Recent projects include illustrating a graphic history about the publisher Between the Lines. See more of my non-fiction and fiction comics at makerofnets.ca and my work with the Graphic History Collective.

Graphic Design

I also do design work for print and web.

  • Logos and identity
  • Posters and flyers
  • Brochures, leaflets, booklets
  • Maps

Visual Translation and more

I can work with other solutions to translate your data, research, and more into graphics and visuals, including data visualization which is the visualization of data in charts, diagrams, maps or networks often generated through a computer program.

Data visualization can help make sense of large datasets.

Other Skills

Web design and front-end web development

  • Over ten years experience of doing web design and front end web development
  • WordPress and Drupal
  • Web manager for PovNet, an online anti-poverty organization


  • MFA in Creative Writing from UBC
  • Story editing, narrative writing

You can see more of my comics, art projects, and illustrations at: makerofnets.ca.